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Find contact info for the people below at the GGSE Staff Contacts page.

General Requests

Need Contact
Password Reset
Request GGSE Directory Account Kelly Hayton
Create GGSE Directory Account John Goubeaux
GGSE Email Account Problems
Special Lab Related Requests
Paycheck/Administrative Issues Tracey Velasquez
Keycard/Door Access Student Affairs Assistant
Emergency Lockout Help Life Safety Services
Classroom Reservations Student Affairs Assistant
Classroom Training
Video Conference Requests Student Affairs Assistant
Video Conference Assistance

Technical Requests

Need Contact
Filemaker Access Amy Meredith
SMB Authorization Kelly Hayton
SMB/FTP Access John Goubeaux
GGSE Web Content George Yatchisin
Drupal/Technical Web Issues John Goubeaux
WebRE/Bio-Bib Bill Doering
VLAN Tags Bill Doering
Special Network-Related Requests Bill Doering