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This page provides current information about the GGSE instructional classroom technologies. Look here for information about available technologies, seating capacities, a room by room breakdown of technology and more.

Typical Large Classroom

Classroom Technology Matrix

Room # # of Seats Room Type iClicker Freq Projector(s)/ Starboard(s) Mac Mini(s) DVD/VCR Doc Cam Laptop Support Video Conference Microphone Support for Skype Airserver Notes

1201 32 Small Classroom AA 2 2 yes yes yes no no yes
1203 32 Small Classroom AB 2 2 yes yes yes no no yes
1205 32 Small Classroom AC 2 2 yes yes yes no no yes
1207 40 Medium Classroom AD 2 2 yes yes yes no no yes
1211 10 ADAS Lab none no no Station 7 no yes no no yes Open 24/7/365. 7 student accessible computers. USB Foot Pedals and Headphones for transcription software. Document Scanners.
1213 60 Large Classroom BA 2 2 yes yes yes no yes yes Wireless mics. Air Server supporting iOS devices.
1215 60 Large Classroom BB 2 2 yes yes yes no yes yes Wireless mics. Air Server supporting iOS devices.
1217 60 Large Classroom BC 2 2 yes yes yes no yes yes Wireless mics. Air Server supporting iOS devices.
2101 12 CCSP Seminar Room None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
2209 30 GGSE Conf Room None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
3112 12+ Seminar (Dept VC) None no no no no yes Disabled no no 52" Plasma screen. Supports conference calls(audio) on (805)893-8360.
3130* 12+ Seminar None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
3134 12+ Fac/Student Lounge None no no no no yes no no no Single Plasma screen with a coffee table. Floor box under table contains guest laptop connections.
3138 10 EDUC Conf Room None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
3209 35 GGSE Conf Room None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
3242 10-12 TEP Conference None 1 1 no no yes no no yes
4201 12 Multi-Purpose Room None no 1 no no yes no no yes 55" Plasma screen. Flexible furniture. Similar to ED 4205."Ice Cream Cart"(20 MacBook Laptops) availability.
4201A 8 VCC (JDP VC) None no no no no yes yes no no 65" Plasma screen. Primary location for multi-point conferences using bridge technology(ITG).Also supports conference calls(audio) on (805)893-8821.
4205 30 Multi-Purpose Lab BD 2 2 yes yes yes no yes yes Wireless mics. "Ice Cream Cart"(20 MacBook Laptops) availability. Huddle Boards. Supports video conferencing (NEW) 42" Plasma Screen supporting iOS devices, Android Devices and PC/Macintosh Laptops via Apple TV (NEW)
4211 30 Computer Lab CA 2 2 yes yes yes no yes yes Wireless mics. 30 iMac computers with AirPlay support to Instructor's lectern via Air Server. "Ice Cream Cart"(20 MacBook Laptops) availability.
4219 40 Sci/Math Lab CB 2 2 yes yes yes no no yes Wireless mics. 4 iMac computers. 8 MacbookPro laptops. "Ice Cream Cart"(20 MacBook Laptops) availability. Huddle Boards. Air Server supporting iOS devices.
4108 30 Dean's Board Room None 1 no no no yes no no no Large Projection Screen. Audience and speaker Mics; 3 guest laptop inputs.

Equipment Highlights


Hitachi Starboard FXDuo
A StarBoard is Hitachi's electronic whiteboard that combines multi touch gestures and rich software to allow users to control the computer or run a presentation from the board itself - No need stand at the computer and use the keyboard and mouse. The electronic whiteboard can also be used as a virtual whiteboard - it can recognize your handwriting - even cursive. But, please don't use any markers on these boards. Use the provided stylus (or your finger). Watch this YouTube video to get inspired!

Starboard Resource Center.jpg

The GGSE has collected/created a variety of resources on the use of the StarBoard's in our environment StarBoard Help.

Hitachi has created its own Resource Center that provides over 500 planned lessons for grades K-9 in seven different subjects: Geography, Health and PE, History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Control System

The GGSE Advanced Technology Classrooms are controlled either by a 1) LCD Touchpanel in the lectern or by a 2) push-button control panel in the front of the room next to the Starboard.

TouchPanel (LCD)

Classroom Touchpanel LCD
Rooms with a lectern use a touchpanel LCD to control what is presented on the 2 StarBoards. You can choose from 5 different sources - 2 computers, DVD/VCR player, Document Camera, a guest laptop. You can also "mirror" one of these sources on both StarBoards.

Room Controlled by Panel on front Wall

Wall Control Panel
Smaller rooms with a single projector and StarBoard are controlled by a push button control panel mounted on the wall to the left of the StarBoard. In some rooms this had to be moved to the right due some construction issues. This control panel allows you to turn the system on or off, switch between the computer or laptop input, "mute" the video screen and control the volume.


Each room includes 1 or 2 Mac Mini computers that can run OS X or Windows. These computers can play DVDs, connect to the Internet, have a variety of software installed and most importantly can be controlled by the StarBoard(s). There is no need to instruct from behind a lectern or sitting in front of the keyboard and mouse - you are free to get up and move around the room and can control the computer via hand gestures on the StarBoard.

Wireless Mics

The 5 largest rooms include a wireless lavaliere microphone (aka "lav") and a wireless hand-held microphone. The lav can be used to to amplify the instructors voice and the hand-held mic can be used for audience questions.

The lav can clipped to the lapel and turned on via switch on top, near the antenna. The hand-held mic's switch is near the display on the side.

Document Camera

Document Camera
Document cameras, also know as digital overheads and DocCams, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. This allows a teacher, lecturer or presenter to write on a sheet of paper or to display a two or three-dimensional object while the audience watches. DocCams are available in classrooms with a lectern (except for Ed 4201)

Guest Laptop

All classrooms are capable of supporting a user or guest laptop connected to the presentation equipment via a "VGA" signal. You will need to bring your own laptop and any adapter that you may need to convert your "video out" port to the VGA standard. DON'T FORGET your VGA ADAPTER !


Most all classroom with a lectern (except for ED 4201) include a DVD/VCR combo deck that is capable of playing a DVD video disc or a VHS tape. Remember to select the proper input on the Control System !

Conference table

Conference Table "cubby"
Conference tables include a "cubby" which contains connectors for power, ethernet, VGA (projector), and audio (headphone jack).

Additional Classroom Technologies



iClicker is an audience response system that provides immediate feedback on student responses to questions posed by instructors during a lecture. Instructors can use the clickers to track student attendance, actively engage students during lectures, and gauge student understanding of course content during class. In each GGSE classroom and lab, a wireless receiver has been set up to collect student responses from their individual portable clickers. TEP purchased 60 iClickers and is graciously making them available to all members of the GGSE. If interested please contact Maritza Fuljencio at 893-2084 or via email: For more information, please see the iclicker page.


AirServer is an advanced screen mirroring software receiver for Mac or PC's. It gives the user the capability to receive AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast streams, similar to an Apple TV or a Chromecast device. Users can stream content from their IOS devices, Macbooks and most Apple computers. AirServer supports multiple simultaneous connections, so one or more participants could mirror their devices to share their ideas and their work with the rest of the group. While working from the Smart Lectern you can monitor what your participants are working on and encourage collaboration. Additionally, Windows 7 is supported via the Google Chrome browser and AirServer can also receive and display Miracast signals from your Android or Windows devices.


AirParrot brings the mirroring experience to all 30 computers in ED 4211 . Mirror the entire screen or just a specific application. It doesn't distract while adjusting your display settings and mirrors your screen the way you want. Instructor's and Presenters can control multiple participants while engaging in this dynamic collaborative environment.

Huddle Boards

One word describes the Huddleboard: versatility. It adjusts for any situation with a variety of solutions.

Lightweight and portable, Huddleboard lets you have display surfaces always at your fingertips.

  • Use with a mobile easel, freestanding tray or workrail
  • Ultra-light portable marker boards
  • Huddleboard products are warranted for 1 year.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an exciting new technology used for sharing your classroom presentations and materials over the internet. It is easy to use, versatile, and great for remote

  • collaborations
  • presentations
  • meetings
  • and much more

See the link above for a more through explanation of its capabilities.

Graduate Student Work Center

The new Graduate Student Work Center has been recently deployed in room 3140 on the third floor of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. This room serves both as a study and work center for graduate students working under the Education department.

Design and equipment

The room is designed to be compact yet functional and also has a table large enough to seat a small group of about 5-6 people. The room is equipped with various devices such as:

  • 2 iMacs running the OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and Windows 7 operating systems
  • EPSON ES-400 scanner
  • HP LaserJet 600 M602 printer

Both iMacs have been set up to print wirelessly through PaperCut software, which keeps track of the balance remaining in each student's account. Along with PaperCut, both iMacs feature a similar set of software and technologies found on the Ada's machines in 1211:

Room # # of Seats Room Type iClicker Freq Projector(s)/ Starboard(s) Mac Mini(s) DVD/VCR Doc Cam Laptop Support Video Conference Microphone Support for Skype Airserver Notes
3140 table: 5-6, iMacs: 2 Small room none no no no no yes no no yes 2 student accessible computers, 1 network printer, 1 document scanner

Science and Mathematics Teaching Center

The Gevirtz School of Education’s new Science and Mathematics Teaching Center is a fully outfitted laboratory that enables preservice teachers and current teaching professionals to develop and improve their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching skills through hands-on experiences with Gevirtz School and affiliated UCSB science and math faculty.

This state of the art facility plays a pivotal role in enabling the UCSB Cal Teach Initiative led by Gevirtz School Dean to recruit, teach, and mentor several hundred STEM undergraduates each year who are considering a teaching career in secondary science or mathematics. The facility is also key to reaching our goal to increase the number of secondary school science and mathematics teacher candidates in our graduate Teacher Education Program by over seventy percent—the highest goal of any of the UC campuses.

Design and equipment

The large space fully prepares students for the teaching environments they will encounter in K-12 schools, where class sizes can reach up to 40 students. The flexibility in the room comes from its unique design, with a central area featuring movable tables and numerous floor electronic/computer ports and with two side areas with lab tables that provide water and gas for experiments.

The room is remarkable for its size, flexibility, safety, and the access it provides to a wealth of equipment including

The room is also outfitted like other classrooms in the new Education Building, with two StarBoards, a Document Camera, and a CopyCam. For a summary of the room's equipment, see above↑ .

Safety features

Safety features in the room include

  • a snorkel exhaust
  • a shower
  • an eye-wash station
  • a separate locked room for storing chemicals

Classroom Tips

Making use of Presenters Notes on PowerPoint

Our lectern monitors mirror what is displayed onto the two Starboards. Unfortunately, our technology does not support using the projector as a second display, which is ideal for anyone who plans to lecture using presenters notes. In order to take advantage of this feature, you must bring in a laptop that can connect to the VGA port, and then configure your laptop to make the projector a second display. Heres a nice article on the steps

For MacOSX, here are steps to configure a second display: 1)Plug the projector/external display into the Mac. 2) In System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement: be sure that Mirror Displays is NOT checked; be sure that the Menu Bar is located in the monitor icon that represents your computer display.

Technology Training Items

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Additional Technologies
Lectern Overview Importing into starboard Layering Images Iclickers - 30
DVD/VHS Exporting from starboard Video Annotation Ice Cream Cart - 20 Laptops
Doc Cam Annotating on PowerPoint Screen Capture Huddle Boards
Logging on Multi-User Input Changing Search Options AirServer
Touch Pad Interface Screen Capture Infinite Cloning AirParrot
Starboard Menu Clip Art Video Conferencing
Microphone Lesson Brainstorming
Mac Minis Personalizing Toolbar Profile
Laptop Connections
  • Pen
  • IntelliPen
  • Page Turning
  • Page Expansion
Pen Menu
  • Block Lettering
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Locking Objects
  • Order
  • Rotate
  • Search
Accessories menu
  • Stopwatch
  • Spotlight
  • Screenblock
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Ruler