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Who it is for

The "GGSE UCSBNetID" wireless service is offered to any individual who has a UCSBNetID. UCSB students taking classes at the GGSE who do NOT have a GGSE account should use this service to access the Internet for course related work. This service is not intended for GGSE staff, faculty, or students.

Captive Portal page you should see.

How to connect

To connect to this service:

  1. Select "GGSE UCSBNetID" wireless networks on your computer/device.
  2. Open a web browser and go to your intended URL.
  3. You will be redirecdted to a portal for authentication.
  4. Enter your UCSBNetID and password to gain access.

IF you have successfully authenticated you will be able to use the wireless service to access the Internet.

Problems with UCSBnetID ?

Please see our Wiki page on troubleshooting UCSBnetID problems.