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Kiosk Access

This service provides simple, quick, easy access to lab computers (ED 4211) for people WITHOUT GGSE credentials. No longer do instructors need to provide a list of non-GGSE students to get them access to the computers. On the first day of class folks with UCSBNetID credentials can walk into the lab and use the computers (Windows).

The Kiosk service is offered to individuals who are not GGSE Staff, Faculty, or Students. It is intended for any individual who has a UCSBNetID and allows these individuals access to many of the tools and services in the GGSE labs. Below is a simple guide on how to best use the kiosk. If you need any help please contact ITG at (805) 893-8031 or at our office at ED 4203.

How to log into the Kiosk

  • Insure that the machine is booted into Windows.
  • Next, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and click "Switch User"
Switching user
  • Select the red icon that says "UCSB Net ID Only".
You will then be prompted with a display similar to the one below.
  • Enter your UCSBNetID Credentials and click the white arrow.
UCSB Net ID Credentials


Problems with UCSBnetID ?

Please see our Wiki page on troubleshooting UCSBnetID problems

Booting to Windows or Mac ?

In both operating systems, you simply restart the computer to use an alternate operating system. When booting up you will be presented with the option to choose a Mac or Windows logo. Choose Windows for UCSBnetID login.