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lftp is an advanced transfer client that supports transfering via ftp, ftps, http, https, hftp, fish, sftp and file. The default Ubuntu package does include SSL support as of 12.04.

Here are some example commands to get you started:

  • Connect to an authenticated FTP server and get dropped in an lftp shell:
lftp -p21 -u username ftp://ftp.ucsb.edu
  • Download a file with continuation/resume support and in 8 segments for faster download:
lftp> pget -c -n 8 ./debian-6/debian-6.i386.iso
  • Download a directory with continuation/resume support, 4 concurrent files and 8 concurrent segments:
lftp> mirror -c -P 4 --use-pget-n=8 ./debian-6
  • Download multiple files with a glob, continuation/resume, pget and 12 segments:
lftp> glob -- pget -c -n 12 ./debian-6/*
  • Download multiple directories with a glob, continuation/resume, pget for 12 segments, and mirror for multiple files:
lftp> glob -d -- mirror -c -P 4 --use-pget-n=8 ./debian*