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The ITG has donated equipment to the following Departments/Program for use by their respective students. Please check with appropriate person in each Department/Program to check out equipment.

Guidelines for Checkout

Each Department/Program has a limited amount of loaner equipment available for their students and instructors to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment is available for pick-up and return in the respective Program Office from 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. The office is closed during the noon lunch hour. The available equipment is listed below by Department/Program.

If you would like to reserve in advance, please contact the appropriate person or office below.

Dept/Prog Office Contact Email Phone
CNCSP CNCSP Office, ED 2103 Maria Sanchez 805-893-3375
EDUC Program Office, ED 3102 Brenda Lavin 805-893-4515
TEP TEP Office, ED 3230 Kelsi Elliot 805-893-2084

All equipment is in working order, but some may require battery charging or the purchase of batteries or other components by the user, so we suggest checking this prior to your use. The Department/Program Office does not provide supplies except as detailed in the description. Users are responsible for returning the item along with any cases, cords, batteries, etc. in the same working condition as when it was borrowed.

If you have experienced a mechanical problem with it while in use, please let the appropriate contact know.

Use of Equipment

PLEASE NOTE: The Program Office is unable to provide instructions for use of the equipment. Refer to links below to the online manuals. If you need further assistance, you can stop by the ITG “Help Desk” in ED 4203, they will request a tech to help you as soon as possible. Help Desk:, (805) 893-8031.

Internet Access

The GGSE provides wireless internet access if you have a valid GGSE account. You can utilize this with the loaner laptops. For internet or wireless questions, please see WiFi Settings.

Equipment List by Department/Program

CNCSP Department Equipment

  • HP Laptop; ITG ID: 154001924
  • Canon ZR50 Digital Video Camcorder
  • Tripod SLIK SDV-20 #2 (Logitech Webcam attached)
  • Macbook (2.1Ghz/White)
  • 2 Mac Display Port Adapters: 2 VGA - DVI
  • Dell 1201 DLP Projector

EDUC Department Equipment

  • Conference Call Phone- Polycom Sound Station for Conference Calls.
  • Laptops
  1. Dell Vostro 1320 Laptop
  2. Macbook Pro
  1. Panasonic Voice Recorder with Attachment Remote #7; Serial#: XE1CA53724 DECOMMISSIONED
  2. Panasonic Voice Recorder with Attachment Remote #3; Serial#: XE4GA59936 DECOMMISSIONED
  1. Sony HandyCam (HDR-CX220); Serial#: 3169551
  2. Sony miniDV (DCR-TRV22); Serial#: 491352
  • Tripod SLIK SDV-20 #9
  • Tripod MANFROTTO 3130 #11
  • Boston Speakers BA635 Serial#: 0092976
  • Laser Pointer - Mind Path Power Pocket Pointer Serial#: KFR-LSRR
  • Tape Player - Panasonic portable, with optional microphone and a cord for plug-in. User will need to provide 4 C batteries and a cassette tape.
  • 2x Sony portable, with optional microphone. User will need to provide two “AA” batteries and a cassette tape.
  • USB Cable
  • 7 Mac Display Port Adapters: 2 Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort - VGA, 2 VGA - DVI, 1 Macbook Pro VGA, 2 Macbook VGA
  • White noise machine for keeping conversations confidential
  • 3 Transcription machines
  • 1 Easel for Flip Charts
  • 1 Additional Tripod
  • 1 Video Camera and Recorder

TEP Equipment

  • Hitachi X-260; ITG ID: 084001347
  • 3 TEP Cameras
  • 6 Mac Display Port Adapters: 2 VGA - DVI, 1 Macbook Pro VGA, 3 Macbook VGA
  • 2 TEP Laptops
    • 2009 13" Macbook Pro (ITGID 094001432) - Wifi broken
    • 2007 13" Macbook (ITGID 074001242)