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GGSE Network Account

What is my GGSE Network account used for?

Your GGSE Network Account will provide you with access to the Classroom/Instructional and ADA's Computers.

When/How do I register so I can start using my GGSE Network account?

Registration will begin on the date listed on your Technology Registration Letter, which your Dept or Program will provide to you. Your GGSE Network account login IS the same as your UCSBNetUid AND we suggest that when you set your own password for this account that you use the same password that you set for your UCSBNetUid IF the change password application will allow you to do so.

I do not have a GGSE Network account registration letter with my password. How do I get it?

If you are a GGSE student, you will need to pick up another copy of your ITG registration letter from your respective program's administrative office: Education Department (3102), CCSP Department (2103), or the GGSE TEP Office (3230). If all else fails you can come up to the HelpDesk, EDUC 4203, and with your Student ID card retrieve a copy. This form will have all the information you need to retrieve your GGSE network account, ( reset the passwd ) so you can use the classrooms, labs as well as Wireless Network.

GGSE Email Account

How do I log in to my GGSE email account?

The GGSE is using the centralized Campus Connect ( GMail based ) Mail system. You access your account via : -Gmail Connect Login -Your login will be your UCSBNetUid and associated passwd.

I also have a U-Mail account. What’s the difference between the GGSE email account and the U-mail account?

Student Umail accounts were merged into Connect Mail Accounts in Summer of 2018. Please see relevant notices sent to your Umail Account IF you have one.

Why is it necessary to check your GGSE email account on a regular basis?

GGSE & UCSB official correspondence is only sent to your GGSE/Connect email account. You are also responsible for maintaining your account and making sure it is working.

How do I forward the email I get in my GGSE account to another email account?

Information on how to set a forward from your Connect, Gmail based account can be found here: Connect FAQs page .

Where can I get more info on using my Connect Account and the Applications in the Google Apps for Education suite ?

Information can be found here: Connect FAQs page .

I've Graduated OR am NO longer affiliated with UCSB and no longer want to get email sent from campus MailGroups

Your UCSB account IS for official UCSB & GGSE business. IF you are no longer affiliated or Graduated from the University you NO longer need to check this account. IF you had set a forward from that account to your personal email account(s) YOU can login and reverse those steps ( eg remove the forward )

Your UCSB account will eventually be removed altogether at some future date.

Network Access

I have a personal laptop. How do I connect to the internet from GGSE?

The GGSE now features wireless internet services available for everyone. Whether you have a UCSBNetID, or you are a guest, we can get you online.

  • If you have a UCSBnetid account, check out our Wireless page to configure your device for eduroam yourself, or stop by our offices in 4203 and get help from an ITG consultant.

Help Desk

I have a malfunctioning laptop. Where can I get some help?

The ITG Help Desk is solely responsible for GGSE-owned computers. Personal laptops and computers can be taken for diagnosis and repair to Kerr Hall's Computer Services. The GGSE help desk will be more than happy to give you useful tips, and consult and direct you on how to best solve your problems.

You can reach the Help Desk

  • By email at help
  • By phone at (805) 893-8031
  • In person at Education 4203
  • Online at our Help Request Form

Lab Resources

What lab facilities does ITG offer for student use?

The GGSE offers computing labs for faculty, staff and students alike:

  • Multipurpose Lab (4205)
    • Electronic Whiteboards - Starboards
    • Apple TV available with Portable 42" Plasma
    • Laptops (by reservation only)
    • Open,flexible space with table and chairs
  • Computer Lab (4211)
    • iMacs dual booting Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    • Electronic Whiteboards - Starboards
    • Printing (B&W and Color are available, color laser printer is in ED 4205)
    • Video capture stations
    • Scanning stations with OCR capabilities
    • Available applications and utilities, click here.
  • Ada's Lab (1211)
    • iMacs dual booting Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard
    • 24-hour access (access card required)
    • Video capture station
    • B&W and Color printing is available
  • Science Lab (4219)
    • iMacs running OS X Snow Leopard
    • MacBook pro laptops running OS X Snow Leopard
    • Spill-top desks with gas and water service

How can I get access to ADA's Lab?

If you are a member of GGSE, you can request an access card by seeing Cora Danielson in 4100.

What are the GGSE Labs operating hours?

  • Academic Year Hours:
    • Monday - Thursday: 8am - 8pm
    • Friday: 8am - 5pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • Summer Hours:
    • Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • Ada's Lab is available 24/7 throughout the year but you will need a key card from Cora Danielson to get in.

What equipment is available to check out? How can I check this equipment out?

ITG no longer checks out equipment. Please refer to the following equipment loaner information

How can I print in the GGSE labs?

Your account is automatically credited with 300 ($30) print credits which are available for you to use in ED 1211 and ED 4211 respectively. Students are allocated an additional 100 ($10) at the beginning of the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Printing costs $0.10 per black and white page and $0.20 per color page. Please print responsibly.

Can I buy CDs or DVDs from ITG?

The following items can be purchased with print credits.

  • CD-R: $.30/disk
  • DVD+: $.50/disk
  • DVD-: $.50/disk
  • Dual Layer DVD: $1.00/disk

How do I scan or make a PDF from a document?

We have scanners in ED 4211 and the Adas Lab (ED 1211) available for use. To see a quick guide to scanning, check Scanning a Document

Training Opportunities

If you wish to learn more about our "Smart Lecterns," and the multitude of tools and software contained within each lab and lectern, please feel free to request a training/demonstration at: HELP

Student Technology Fee (STF)

Please see the following for the latest info regarding Student Technology Fee FAQ