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Qualtrics is now available to all faculty, career researchers, lecturers, staff, and students for research and educational use, effective Dec 10, 2018. The Qualtrics Research Suite gives you an all-in-one online platform to capture, analyze and report on data.

Create an NEW Account

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To get started, please visit the campus Qualtrics site.

  • All new accounts will use your UCSBNetID ( @ucsb.edu ) credentials

LOGIN to your existing GGSE Qualtrics Account

Access your GGSE Qualtrics account:

  • Existing Qualtrics users at the GGSE will your GGSE ( @education.ucsb.edu ) credentials



Have a question ? Qualtrics University is a great resource.


  • Call: 800-340-9194
  • Hours: 24 hours Monday through Friday
  • Email: support@qualtrics.com

Starting in Fall 2017, a GGSE student representatives will be available to help students.

  • Meg Boyer, mboyer@education.ucsb.edu

Already have a FREE Qualtrics account ?

If you already have a free Qualtrics account send an email to the Qualtrics support team and ask them to "transition" your Free account to a "UCSB" account. They are very quick and attentive but it may take a local approval - you should get an email response once the transition has been completed.

Collaborate on a Survey ?

When creating a survey, you can specify any sort of collaborations by selecting the other person's email address on the survey itself.

Convert from Survey Monkey ?

Yes ! Survey Monkey surveys can be converted to Qualtrics. Here is the response from Qualtrics Support:

We actually built a direct integration a while ago for this but then Survey Monkey changed their formatting. So it can be a bit more tedious now.
So normally there are two parts to your survey--the survey itself and the data set. If you can get the survey into a word document and save it in a .txt file you can upload that into Qualtrics. If you can get your data set into excel and save the file as a .csv you can then upload that into Qualtrics as well. Here is some information that can help - www.qualtrics.com/import-and-export-surveys/.
If for whatever reason that does not work the second fastest option is probably to just open up two windows (Qualtrics being one of them) and then copy and paste. I know this sounds like a lot of work but things are much much much easier to make in Qualtrics compared to other survey platforms.
Hope this helps!

Basics of a Survey

My Surveys

The My Surveys tab is essentially the home page within Qualtrics which shows all of your surveys. You can choose to view all of your surveys, or just show surveys from specific folders. From this tab you can also share your surveys (requires upgrade) with other Qualtrics users using the Collaborate button.

Create Survey

There are multiple ways to create a new survey. We have created a number of pre-made surveys for categories ranging from customer satisfaction, to government, to product awareness. While in the Create Survey tab, click Survey Library to access these surveys. The other option is to create a survey from scratch with the Quick Survey Builder.

Edit Survey

You can add a new question two different ways: either from the Qualtrics library or by creating a new item. When creating a new item, the default question type will be a standard multiple choice question. There are also numerous different question types to choose from. Once you choose your question type, you can begin editing the question and the answer choices. You’ll notice that with some questions you ask, automatic choices will appear. For example, if you ask “What is your gender?” you will see “Male” and “Female” automatically appear as the answer choices. Research Suite will recognize specific words in the question and predict the answer choices that you may want. These choices are obviously editable if desired.

Important features in Advanced Options

  1. Quotas allow you to ensure only a certain demographic or an overall number of respondents are captured in your data.
  2. Email triggers are set up to send notifications based off of specific conditions that you have set. For example, let's say your manager wants a notification anytime a respondent answers "Very Unsatisfied" on a particular question. You can create a trigger that will send an email to the manager as a notification to contact that respondent.
  3. Scoring is used to give answer choices a certain score. For instance, a professor can use this feature to use the survey as a quiz. The professor can assign a "1" to the correct answer and a "0" to all of the incorrect answers.