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eduroam at the GGSE

The Education Building Now Supports eduroam Wireless

  • Recommended for most faculty, staff, and students.
  • LOGIN using [your UCSBNetID@ucsb.edu] credentials

Please see client configuration info at the [UCSB Wireless Configuration and Information page]

Guest Wireless via Self Registration

Guests can quickly and easily self register for wireless access by clicking on the "Guest Registration" link after connecting to the "UCSB Wireless Web" wireless network. IF you can NOT use eduroam this is the most convenient way to get wireless access.

Notable features:

  • Useful for any non-UCSB user who cannot use eduroam.
  • Available anywhere on campus and in the GGSE
  • Available on the "UCSB Wireless Web" SSID only.
  • Registration is valid for 7 days.
  • SMS/Text-Message provided password