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The GGSE Public network uses Enterprise level WPA2 encryption to secure all wireless traffic. You use the same credentials to logon to wireless as you do for your GGSE Webmail service, making wireless connectivity available to anyone with an email address.

Easy Configuration

For most clients (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android) no explicit configuration is required, just choose the GGSE Public network and enter your GGSE username and password when prompted.

If your client doesn't prompt you, or asks you to set explicit settings, you can use any combination of EAP type and Authentication method here:

Encryption WPA2 Enterprise
EAP Type EAP-TTLS (Tunneled-TLS), PEAP
Authentication method PAP, MSCHAP, MSCHAPV2

Legacy Client configuration

Select your device or operating system:





Legacy Settings

ITG cannot provide tailored directions for all the devices that may wish to have wireless connectivity. Following are the basic settings and configurations used by the GGSE Public network. Anyone feeling a little adventurous is welcome to try and configure their device on their own. Please feel free to stop by the ITG Office in room 4203 if you need assistance getting connected.

Encryption WPA2 Enterprise
EAP Type EAP-TTLS (Tunneled-TLS)
Authentication method PAP